Motorized shades & blinds.

Custom automated shades and drapery to seamlessly blend with your home’s design

Like a dimmer for the sun. Weave whisper-quiet privacy, UV protection, and a choice between hundreds of premium textiles into the Lutron light control system.

Shade Types.

The benefits of smart shades/blinds

Synchronizing with other devices

Smart shades and blinds easily connect to other smart home devices like and  to work in harmony. That means when your lights go on at the end of the day, your shades can lower at the same time.

For hard-to-reach windows

Whether the drapery is too large to open and close safely by yourself or the window is just out of reach in your home, motorized shades make it easier and safer to raise and lower your shades or blinds.

Increases energy efficiency

Keeping your blinds lowered during the day can help conserve energy and insulate your home. By setting your blinds on a schedule to raise and lower at specific times of the day, you can ensure that your blinds are always insulating your home when you’re away.
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Lutron shades have the option of beautifully hand finished brackets in a variety of premium metal finishes, so leaving them exposed is often chosen even when a hidden option is available. Matching bottom bar finishes off the look and blends seamlessly with any architectural style.


Lutron offers a variety of fascia options to conceal the roller blind mechanism. You can choose to have these covered in matching fabric, or premium metals among other options. Depending on your mounting options and interior style, this is also a popular option.

Roller Drapes

Lutron and Wolf Drapery come together to create something unique. Custom made tracks paired with custome fabrics from Wolf for a truely one of kind window treatment. Matching bottom bar finishes off the look and blends seamlessly with any architectural style.

Lutron. Wolf

Fabric Selection

Explore the fabric options from Lutron and Wolf Drapery.

Motorized shades FAQs

Does my home need to be wired for Shades?

There are two main ways motorized shades are powered; via battery or through a wired connection. If you’re adding motorized shades to an existing home where you don’t have the luxury of wiring along the windows, battery-powered is a great solution. The batteries usually last 3-5 years, depending on use, and are easily replaced. If you’re designing your home and have the luxury of prewiring, wired shades are a great option, as you never have to worry about batteries failing when you’re not around.

Can motorized shades be connected to my Alexa or system?

The motorized shades we work with connect to just about any third-party smart home system available, whether that’s a simple voice control like an Alexa or unit, or a full home smart system. The great thing about the integration is how you can pair your shades with your lighting, so both work in harmony together.

How loud are motorized shades/blinds?

For a while, noise was definitely the biggest drawback for motorized window treatments. Even today, most have a distinct motorized sound or clicking noise when they’re in action. With Lutron shades though, the noise is always kept under 44 dBA (decibels) for honeycomb and wood blinds, and under 38 dBA for roller shades. That’s quieter than most refrigerators, and from 3 feet away, you shouldn’t hear much of anything.

Are motorized shades hard to install?

While most for shades can be installed by someone handy with tools, they’re best left in the hands of the professionals. This is especially true for Lutron shades and blinds. Only dealers can get the programming software and set up automations for you. Additionally, Lutron will only honor warranties if a certified Lutron installer installed the shades.