Whole Home Audio.

Discover beautifully-designed and easy-to-use residential audio.

Great music connects us all. Across generations, distance, and cultures, we all share a love and enjoyment of listening to music, especially at home.

The benefits of residential AV

Entertain guests

Whether you’re getting ready for a date night or a lively party, you can rest easy knowing your home is prepared to entertain in any situation. Thanks to whole-home audio solutions from Origin Acoustics, Stealth Speakers and Monitor , you can play the same playlist in every room or break your home into designated zones for different music in different spaces.

Tuned in

Gone are the days of bringing a portable speaker when you go outside to garden or relax by the pool. Today’s whole home audio solutions extend beyond the interior of your home. Climate-resistant and weather-proof speakers keep you tuned into your daily music wherever you are on your property.

Seamless experiences

No matter how unique your space is, we can help you find the solution that sounds and looks the best and integrates seamlessly with the rest of your smart home system. That means no more fumbling over a half-dozen remotes to find the volume control and no more complicated processes to follow just to watch TV. You get one seamless and simple experience.

Types of speakers

Invisible speakers

The world leader in "invisible" speakers. Stealth Acoustics believes great sounding speakers should be hear, not seen.

From high ceiling spaces to clean design driven spaces these invisible speakers fit perfectly.

Stealth is manufactured in Washington.

Architectural speakers

Origin Acoustics some of our favorite in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Great for all areas and patios.

Distributed audio or home theater systems sound amazing with Origin.

Origin also features a Bang Olufsen collaboration and it sounds awesome.

Floor Standing & Bookshelf speakers

Elegance and aesthetics is the hallmark of this British Speaker Manufacture.

Audio control systems

Take your audio experience to the next level with the right audio control system. Whether you want to search for content, music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks, it’s all available in these easy-to-use apps. Save your playlists, favorites, and preferred streaming services to the music dashboard for quick recall. Get the party going in an instant.

Distributed Audio

Distributed home audio allows you to spread speakers around your whole home and receive the same sound throughout, or sound from music throughout the basement and sound from the TV in the living room and kitchen.

Thanks to a wide variety of speaker options from our partners Leon Speakers, Origin Acoustics, Monitor Audio, and more, we have the ability to integrate speakers into your home that not only sound good, but are design-led, discreet, or entirely invisible depending on your style.


I have a preferred streaming service. Will your system work with that?

Yes! Our control systems are integrated into our equipment for easy streaming. Apple music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer and much more.

Can I play music in multiple rooms at the same time?

Yes! Combine zones right on your phone and play the same song throughout all your speakers. Or combine only the zones you want.

Can I play different genres of music in different rooms?

Yes! You can control the source and volume of each room or "zone" separately. All done on your phone.